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Why do we choose steel locker instead of wooden locker?
Firstly,steel lockers are sustainable.
Steel lockers are 100% recyclable and unlike engineered wood products are not destined to landfill at the end of their life-cycle. Steel is the most recycled material worldwide and replaces the use of unrecyclable, engineered boards used in joinery fit-outs. Steel lockers reduce the amount of non-renewable resources required for manufacture and do not use solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds. 

Secondly,steel lockers are more durable.
Steel lockers provide the strength, durability and design flexibility to safeguard against obsolescence. Unlike conventional locker systems made of joinery, steel enables faster assembly on site and can be more easily reconfigured. This reduces the number of tools required, allowing for simple replacement and re-use. Additionally, the ongoing cost of churn vs new replacement of traditional lockers provides an economic benefit over time. 

Thirdly,steel lockers are more adaptable.
Designed for multi-purpose spaces, steel lockers are suited to many different environments. Reflecting staffing numbers, steel lockers units can be uniquely replaced, reconfigured or relocated. As group requirements change, various group units can be integrated or removed. 

All in all, steel lockers are more suitable for modern life.
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